A N A K A

I am building Imagery is Infinite Artkives: an archive of the artists of our "time". 

As an Artkivist I am a journalist, filmmaker and photographer documenting artists and their creative processes for archival purposes. I seek to preserve how Spirit is ever-present within art.

I focus on two specific ways Spirit is evoked in art: first, how Spirit and Ritual are a part of the creation process; and second, how colonization continues to oppress the artist experience throughout the African diaspora.

I am here to document Indigenous art forms before they are erased; and to illustrate how new artists create despite oppression.

I am here to help elevate our community of artists around the African diaspora whose art creates literal healing and deserves to be documented properly from my perspective.

As forms of therapy and public art I perform meditational movement; I am also a collage street artist and I am passionate about music. All of these interests mix together in order to reveal my path to Ascension.

-photograph by Justice Mukheli-



Imagery is infinite™ Ar(t)chives

All work made by Anaka & within her collaborations are put under Imagery is Infinite™ Ar(t)chives in order to hold space for artists

creating consciously. The ar(t)chive serves to document how artists are creating now in the face of colonization.


Here’s a short recap after spending a month expanding the Artkive with Art Noise Nigeria artist residency in Nairobi, Kenya.