I channel through the mediums of

analog and digital photography,

film direction & editing;

choreography and movement meditation;


& archival documentation

in order to contribute to the healing energies that creation brings into this realm.

-photograph by Absent Avery-

Anaka is a healer first, a dancer second and a visual artist third. She seeks to use her talents of film and photography to preserve how Spirit lives within the process of creation. She is particularly interested in archiving indigenous artists and artists of the African Diaspora in their creative processes. Through this work, she hopes to continue the movement of decolonizing what it means to be in an artist in the violent systems of society that oppress people of color.

Anaka curates Silient Zine, a physical and online archive of what artists are creating in that moment with the intention of healing. Issue I was published physically in May 2016 featuring artists from LA, NYC and Portland, OR. Issue II was released November 2016 featuring artists from Johannesburg, Cape Town and the Eastern Cape.

Anaka also practices meditational movement for personal and communal healing. She began as a dancer as a child and lets movement flow within her as a source of healing to share positive energy.

Anaka also uses collage to spread the message of decolonization.


Imagery is infinite™ Ar(t)chives

All work made by Anaka & within her collaborations are put under Imagery is Infinite™ Ar(t)chives in order to hold space for artists

creating consciously. The ar(t)chive serves to document how artists are creating now in the face of colonization.