I am building the Imagery is Infinite Artkive: an archive of the artists of our "time".

As an Artkivist I am an ethnographic researcher, film director and photographer documenting artists in their creative process for archival purposes. I seek to preserve how Spirit is ever-present within art.

I focus on two specific ways Spirit is evoked in art: first, how Spirit and ritual are a part of the creation process; and second, how colonization oppresses artistic freedom.

I seek to document art and healing practices before they are erased and to preserve current revolutionary artists and healers creating in the face of colonization.

I help elevate my community of artists whose art provides literal healing by creating a safe space for their practices to live, and not be critiqued by colonial standards.

As forms of therapy and public art, I perform meditational movement and I collage. I am also teaching myself percussion and the art of hand poke tattooing. All of these interests mix together in order to reveal my path to Ascension.

-photograph by Justice Mukheli-



Imagery is infinite™ Artkive

All work made by Anaka & her collaborations are put under Imagery is Infinite™ Artkive in order to hold a cross diasporic space for artists

creating consciously. Anaka creates a safe space for her work to live by decolonizing herself and the spaces she is in by

documenting with this intention. Every place she lives, Anaka spends enough time to find the Spirit Family and feel their energy. By completely immersing herself

with the intention of learning and further decolonizing, Anaka documents and collaborates with the healers and artists who wish to be a part of the Artkive.


Here’s a short recap after spending a month expanding the Artkive with Art Noise Nigeria artist residency in Nairobi, Kenya.