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∞ Artkive

IG: 4n4k4

Artist Statment

Kali Uchis in Los Angeles, 120mm


∞ Artkive™ is a visual research five years in the making preserving how Spirit is ever-present in the process of creation. Pushing the limits of documentary filmmaking and photojournalism, Anaka sees through the lens with a focus on healing.

As a self-proclaimed Artkivist, Anaka is a master of finding the soft spots of creation where organic artistry is evoked by Higher Consciousness. She focuses on two specific ways Spirit is omniscient in art: first, how Spirit and ritual are an integral part of the creation process; and second, how oppressive systems affect the Spiritual creativity and resource accessibility of artists.

∞ Artkive brings diverse communities together through the common thread of creation in order to focus on the roots of  infinite knowledge we share across the world.




Mombasa Skaters in Kenya, 120mm

Malaika in Centurion, South Africa, !20mm

Victor Kuster, Artist in August House, Johannesburg, 120mm

OSHUN at Afropunk 2015 for VICE

Levi’s, Object & Animal, T.D.E, Beats by Dre, Universal Music Group, NPR, VICE, August House Residency, KiddHunta, ArtNoise Nigeria Residency, Portland Art Museum, Getty Images.

Levis’ PRIDE 2019 Global Campaign - Director & Photographer -TBR June 2019

Practice: an FKA twigs short film - Director, Cinematography & Photo - Object & Animal- TBR 2019

Magic and Melanin: Return to the Motherland Abroad Program - Content Direction - December 2019

Roller Skaters of Mombasa - Art Direction, Film & Photo - Commissioned by Getty Images & Supported by Art Noise Nigeria - Mombasa, Kenya 2018

August House Artist Profiles - Social Media Management, Film & Photo Direction - Johannesburg, South Africa 2018

Kidd Hunta Official Look Book - Creative Direction, Photo & Video- Johannesburg, South Africa 2018

Anaka: a Film by Mahaneela - Dance - Johannesburg, South Africa 2018

Sun Xa Experiment - Film Direction - Mini Documentary filmed in Soweto, South Africa - 2018

Afrofuturistic Gangsterism by Nazlee Saif Official Music Video - Film Direction & Edit  - Cape Town, South Africa 2018

Afropresentism Getty Images Bursary Project - Photo - Nosy Be, Madagascar 2018

Afropunk Festival Recap - Photo - Johannesburg, South Africa 2018

ALLYUUGOT by Luca Williams Official Music Video - Art Direction, Film Direction, DOP & Edit - Cape Town, South Africa 2017

OPENISM Official Look Book - Art Direction & Photo - Philadelphia, PA 2017

Poor Git Da $$ by lojii & Swarvy  Official Music Video - Art Direction, Production, Film Direction & Edit - Los Angeles, CA 2017

Refinery 29, Black Girl Magik Denim Shoot - Film Direction & Photo - Columbia, SSC 2017

Cosmic Perspective by Mndsgn Official Music Video - Dance - Los Angeles, CA 2016

The Wake Up Call by Nazlee Arbee Official Music Video - Art Direction, Film Direction & Edit - Cape Town, South Africa 2016

Beats by Dre - Event Photography - Los Angeles, CA 2014-2016

For Free? by Kendrick Lamar Official Music Video - Photo - Los Angeles, CA 2015

Universal Music Group - Photo Intern - New York, NY 2015

Afropunk Festival Recap for VICE & Beats by Dre - Photo - New York, NY 2015

The Pressure by Jhene Aiko Official Music Video - Photo - Los Anglees, CA 2014

Feel That by Vic Mensa Official Music Video - Photo - Los Angeles, CA 2014



Knext Gallery Solo Exhibition, Photo by Chaze Matakala

Knext Gallery Cape Town Exhibition, Photo by Chaze Matakala

The Portland Art Museum Presents Monuments: The Earth Expedition of Sun Ra - Soundscape & Video Curation - Portland, OR 2018

Art Noise Nigeria Artist Residency - Mural - Nairobi, Kenya - 2018

"August House Open Studio" Group exhibition curated by Olwethu De Vos, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2018

"Returning Home" one month Group exhibition curated by Black Girl Magik, Junior High, Los Angeles CA - 2018

"Ode to She" Art Basel Miami Exhibition, Christopher Moller Gallery, 2017

"Imagery is Infinite Artkives" Solo Exbition, Knext Art Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa 2016

"Imagery is Infinite Artkives Pop Up" Solo Exhibition, The Nest Space, Cape Town, South Africa 2016

"The FAME Project: Exhibition 3 / Silient Zine Premiere" Solo Exhibition, Contact Photo Lab, Los Angeles 2016

"The FAME Project: Exhibition 2" Solo Exhibition, the Living Gallery, New York, NY - 2015

"The FAME Project: Exhibition 1" Solo Exhibition, the J3 Collective, Los Angeles, CA - 2015

Getty Images Creative Bursary - 2018

Art Noise Nigeria Artkive Continuation Grant - 2018



Demi Lovato for Universal Music, 2015


Art Noise Nigeria Artist Residency hosted by Karen Village, Nairobi, Kenya - 2018

August House,  Johannesburg, South Africa - 2018

Universal Music Group, Photo Intern, New York, NY - 2015

CALMATIC Film Director, Apprentice, Los Angeles, CA 2015-2016


Kilo Kish


"Anaka- The Healing Energies of Creative Expression" Published by Bubblegum Club South Africa

"Black Girl Magik Collective: Denim" Published by Refinery 29

"Anunaka's South African Photos Confront the Fear of Freedom" written by Chaze Matakala for OkayAfrica, 2017

" Conversations on Creativity" Artist Panel, Creative Nestlings, Cape Town South Africa 2016

"Anaka: Artist & Alien" Sukebang Magazine, 2016


Photo by Brikicho


Ethnographic research, 120mm photography, 35mm photography, event programming, content direction, holistic business visualization, digital photography, film direction, art direction, cinematography, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Final Cut, Lightroom, Gallery & Magazine Curation, Magazine Production, event planning, Dance, Choreography, Collage, Mixed Media, Travel


University of Southern California Class of 2016

BA in Ethnographic Research with a double minor in Photography and Film Production

University of Cape Town (One semester), Class of 2016.


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"I am descended from ∞ severed lineages. My Ancestors gift me the responsibility of building bridges across the oceans of endangered knowledge I carry in my DNA.“

- AnAkA, 2019

For five years, AnAkA has flowed on the quest to preserve the healing powers of creation with photography and film as her instruments. This calling birthed the cosmic path of shaping the “∞ Artkive” - a global archive preserving artists healing trauma with creative expression.

AnAkA graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a B.A. in Ethnographic Research, Photography and Film Direction. She first researched abroad while attending University of Cape Town in 2016. Since graduating, AnAkA has actively collaborated with artists in the US, South Africa, East Africa and West Africa. They curated five international solo exhibitions sharing the ∞ Artkive in order to expand connections of identity within the African and Indigenous diasporas. Through this work, AnAkA advocates for the freedom of artists and healers to create despite institutional oppression.

AnAkA is a storyteller who loves to balance the richness of reality within surreal dream dimensions in order to explore the many portals of communal and self healing. Through photography, filmmaking and archival preservation, Anaka manifests safe space to reflect healing stories.

Previous clients include Levi’s, Object & Animal, Beats by Dre, T.D.E., Getty Images, the Portland Art Museum and Universal Music Group.

* Photo by Justice Mukheli