444 ::

444 is the meditation that makes me release the most. when I envision all the violence the earth has been through-the blood in the land-ëyë release. I release 4 my ancestors who have healed and died for my enlightenment. I bring forth truths that sacrificed physical bodies in order to pass through me. I absorb the stories of the land to Become the universal energy of the Mother of life. I love unconditionally. I rise again as the chosen warrior in my lineage. 
I realized the four trees I grew up with as a child are in the shape of a pyramid. 
Shot with Madenna & Ethos 25+ after returning to Portland from Cape Town, SA. Mask created by Madenna. Song produced by Ethos 25+. Custom Font by Grant Phillips.

did you see the omen?

directly descended from the stars

cousins with the clouds

birthed from the ocean

protected by the earth

charged by the mountain

nourished by love.

Silient Zine Release Party- Los Angeles May 2016

si-li-ent : the naturally magical elements of life that are often overlooked by the hype.

Silient Zine is the premiering zine curated by Anaka, designed by Grant Phillips & published by Dog Eared Records.
Excerpt from the Curator's Note:
"Conscious artists need an outlet to showcase their art created for the purpose of elevation. Natural, positive creation evokes effortless recognition, resources and respect...I curated this zine with specific artists who I believe have infinite ways to grow through their creation because they move with purposeful steeze...This community spreads love so infinitely the capitalist imprint of success cannot unhinge or waver us. Our love is what is creating a world where creativity is the source of happiness; and where our high consciousness on Mother Earth works to change the future forever."
Featured artists:
Tyler Hicks
Bobo Matjila
aura luna
Pink Siifu
Raina Morris
Roseangelica Lopez
Samantha Selin
Arin Hayes
Chelsea Bravo
Ivan Forde
ash alexander
Afrikan Sniper
Rachel Smith
Madenna Ibrahim
With write ups about:
Deep Underground PDX
Live from Underground BX
Including exclusive interviews with:
Sofie Royer
Ilani Fay
Absent Avery
Markus Prime
Amandla Stenberg + more!



I am so humbled by the support we received for the first issue of Silient Zine!
Thank you to Danna Takako & Smiles Davis of Club 2723 for all your help.
Thank you Chris @ Contact Lab for printing special photos & letting us use the space!
Special thanks also to Rich Envisions for shooting most of the night.
THANK U TO ALL THE PERFORMERS / DJs vertiqua, Eden Hagos (Soulection), Joy Postell, DJ Smiles Davis, lojii, Swarvy, Joyce Wrice & JBird, Leems, and mndsgn!
See you at the next one!

Songs used:
bayyyyyy by Vertiqua
E l s e w h e r e [Soulection & Chill Mix] by Eden Hagos
Esta encendido by DJ Smiles Davis
Panduh by mndsgn


Analog Update

“Melanin Like Ether, Ether Like Melanin”
Spirit Beings climb into each other’s skin. Shift faces. Lock eyes that lead to cosmos. Meditate under starry skies and in the middle of a hot, sweaty dance floor. Paint each other’s faces blue; practice how to fly through the tall grass. Travel to the edges of the land no one owns. Ancient Souls, travel through time on all planes. Together they play the lessons continue…
Three times.
Father, Father, where/
Father, Father, where are our ancestors? Have you gone to look for them or did you ask them to leave?
I see world pushed your nose to the concrete (over-soil)? How many of my ancestor’s bodies are under the concrete?
All their energy stirs within me. Ancient Souls can see it surviving between us.
We find each other in the dark matter of layered lifetimes. Family again, in these new bodies, accelerates the growth of Self. We see ourselves as we
mirror each other ((again)).
Dream is now reality; movie is now a mock of life. The rhythms of Oracle visions are frequent. Even speaking aloud is unnecessary. Intuitively finding each other’s energies amidst valleys of our ancestor’s lands. You have been here before. Burning mpepo on the mountain, humming to the cave.

Pop Up Sh0 @ the Nest

Just hosted my first show in Cape Town, South Africa! Thank you Dillion & the Nest Space for having me. Featured my very first wall collage & paintings, a projected video collage and specially selected photos from the FAME project taken in the USA.

All photos (except a few) taken by Ike Sobe!

Tony Gum's Birthday

Happy birthday Tony!

Living in Cape Town

Living in Cape Town to continue the FAME project. So far in one month I have shot, directed and edited two music videos; acted in a short film directed by Imraan Christian, danced every day and gone on adventures with magical beings. The mountains here are pure energy!

Hosting my first show here tomorrow, a small pop up sho. The Nest Space is a black artist collective here in Cape Town that will be co-hosting the show with me. Collaged a couple walls (one wall is a collage of images in thes shape of Devil's Peak Mountain); and exhibiting photos from the FAME project I took in LA and NYC to give an intro to my goals of being here.