Analog Update

“Melanin Like Ether, Ether Like Melanin”
Spirit Beings climb into each other’s skin. Shift faces. Lock eyes that lead to cosmos. Meditate under starry skies and in the middle of a hot, sweaty dance floor. Paint each other’s faces blue; practice how to fly through the tall grass. Travel to the edges of the land no one owns. Ancient Souls, travel through time on all planes. Together they play the lessons continue…
Three times.
Father, Father, where/
Father, Father, where are our ancestors? Have you gone to look for them or did you ask them to leave?
I see world pushed your nose to the concrete (over-soil)? How many of my ancestor’s bodies are under the concrete?
All their energy stirs within me. Ancient Souls can see it surviving between us.
We find each other in the dark matter of layered lifetimes. Family again, in these new bodies, accelerates the growth of Self. We see ourselves as we
mirror each other ((again)).
Dream is now reality; movie is now a mock of life. The rhythms of Oracle visions are frequent. Even speaking aloud is unnecessary. Intuitively finding each other’s energies amidst valleys of our ancestor’s lands. You have been here before. Burning mpepo on the mountain, humming to the cave.