who you speak 2 that no one can see?

Credits: Interviewee/Model: Sesen

Musician 1: Melziah Dia

Musician 2: Sudan Archives

Mountain Dancers: Malaika & Giselle | Kelebone & Chaze

Musician 3: Nazlee Arbee 

Afrofuturisic Gangsterism A fragment of the daydream 31 January 2018

Credits: Music: Nazlee Saif (@nazleesaif) (nazlee.arbee@hotmail.com)

Beats by Buck Engineered by Tony Black

Visuals: Shot, edited and Directed by :Anaka

Styling by Shiraz Featuring Shiraz & Saif

Jan 20th 2018 in Johannesburg South Africa

Featuring artists Lucky, Sandile, Justice Mukheli & more