lojii & Swarvy - DUE RENT album out now

Directed by Anaka 

Filmed by Rich Envisions

Animated by RUFFMERCY

Raps by lojii Beat by Swarvy

Imagery is Infinite™ Productions presents R O M E C T I C: Significant Others™ Clothing. Directed, edited & shot by Anunaka. Written by the designer Mallya Ngole.

Film credits Imagery is Infinite™ Productions Presents: Nazlee Arbee's debut.


Music: Writing and vocals by Nazlee Arbee

Beat & Music Production: Michael Carlse

Muses: Haneem Christian, Chaze Matakala, Malaika Evans, Aisha Wanjiru Osob Mugo, Dounia Trh, Zenobia Marder, Anaka, Lufuno Sedzani Ramadwa & Nicola Wright



Wise One: Tanaka

Starring Nazlee Arbee

Shot, edited, directed & sound by Anaka


9 to 5:

Music: Writing and Vocals by Nazlee Arbee
Beat & Music Production: Michael Carlse
Adlibs: Thembelihle Dunjana
Produced by
Shot, edited & directed by Anaka

Shot, edited & directed by Anaka

Aya Goods is a range of ready-to-wear and leather accessories made predominantly from African inspired wax-prints and traditional African handwoven fabrics. Founder of Aya Goods, lucy mulima chooses to work with the aforementioned materials as a starting point in exploring African cultural signifiers and the ways in which they're reproduced in the global contemporary landscape.

Testin' Ya Patience by Lyssa

Directed, Edited & Shot by Anaka

Published August 2016

 Directed, shot, and edited by Anaka (@anunaka) - Imagery is Infinite Productions. Additional footage & direction by Kenny Suleimanagich & Meredith Truax. Animation by Ivan Forde. Song produced by NiceGuyxVinny. Written by lojii

Photo credit Anaka

Photo credit Anaka

Photo credit: Anaka

Photo credit: Anaka

Photo Credit: Chaze Matakala

Photo Credit: Chaze Matakala