izao. ("Now" in Malagasy).

Ampasipohy, Madagascar.


"Child of The Heart"

We honor our Ancestors as they channel through us.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Anaka

Channeled through Doyin Onile

Score by Charlotte Dos Santos

Special thanks to Lucky

"AKINYI" - WUOD BABA (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Directed & Shot by Anaka | Written and Produced by Apondiii

Poor Git Da $$$ off the Due Rent tape by lojii & Swarvy

Directed & Edited by Anaka

Director Of Photography: Theo Jemison

Guest starring Pink Siifu and Jesus

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The Mombasa Skaters are a crew of roller skaters in Mombasa, Kenya. Anaka had the pleasure of spending two brief hours with them to abosrb why they love the culture so much and how it provides a healing outlet for them. Special thanks to sponsors Art Noise Nigeria and Getty Images.

Film credits

Imagery is Infinite™ Productions Presents: Untitled

Music: Writing and vocals by Nazlee Arbee

Beat & Music Production: Michael Carlse

Muses: Haneem Christian, Chaze Matakala, Malaika Evans, Aisha Wanjiru Osob Mugo, Dounia Trh, Zenobia Marder, Anaka, Lufuno Sedzani Ramadwa & Nicola Wright


Score by Ethos

Sound by Anaka & the Nature

Wise One: Tanaka

Shot, edited & directed by Anaka

9to5 Music: Writing and Vocals by Nazlee Arbee Beat & Music Production: Michael Carlse Adlibs: Thembelihle Dunjana

Shot, edited & directed by Anaka

Afrofuturisic Gangsterism A fragment of the daydream 31 January 2018

Credits: Music: Nazlee Saif (@nazleesaif) (nazlee.arbee@hotmail.com)

Beats by Buck Engineered by Tony Black

Visuals: Shot, edited and Directed by :Anaka

Styling by Shiraz Featuring Shiraz & Saif

Kidd Hunta directed, shot & edited by anAka

designed by Taf

casting by Ben Moyo

styling by Buhle Bongwa

drumming by Simphiwe Watte

Imagery Is Infinite Artkive ™

This short film and photo series was commissioned by Refinery 29 to show the diversity of Black Girl Magik and denim. "Sisterhood is the initial source of freedom, the source of being yourself," says Anaka. "It is the source of finding a community that loves you no matter how you choose to grow."

Shot, edited & Directed by Anaka

Talent: Kyla Phil

Special assistance: Kelebone Matlala

Cape Town, South Africa

who you speak 2 that no one can see?

Credits: Interviewee/Model: Sesen

Musician 1: Melziah Dia

Musician 2: Sudan Archives

Mountain Dancers: Malaika & Giselle | Kelebone & Chaze

Musician 3: Nazlee Arbee